In 2020, uplifting stories could be found amid the daily cycle of anxiety and heartache

Supporting front-line workers

Whether it was banging pots and pans, honking horns or baking cupcakes, Canadians across the country showed their support for workers making enormous sacrifices on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sense of community

Physical distancing might have kept us two metres apart, but neighbours found creative ways to get together, celebrate holidays and support those in need.

Trailblazing students

It was a particularly challenging year for students and their families, whether learning took place in the classroom or in front of a computer at home. But they persevered, making the most of the school year, winning honours and posting historical firsts.

Getting married

It wasn’t unusual for wedding ceremonies to be called off when physical-distancing rules came into effect. But Canadian couples found creative and memorable ways to celebrate in spite of COVID-19.

Reunions, homecomings and hope for the future 

Lockdowns and quarantines kept loved ones apart for weeks or even months. But that only made reunions all the sweeter. And while working tirelessly, hospital and care-home staff celebrated small victories where they could.

The great outdoors 

With gyms in hot-spot areas of the country often closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and large numbers of people cooped up at home, many Canadians spent more time than ever outdoors this year — whether jogging, going on nature walks, taking part in winter activities or simply taking in the sights of the neighbourhood.


From basements in Toronto to highways in the Northwest Territories, Canadians used dance to spread joy and share their cultures with the world.

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