Report into Marylène Levesque’s murder by parolee coming this morning

The federal government is poised to release its findings into the circumstances of the death of Marylène Levesque, who was murdered by a parolee last year.

Levesque, 22, who had been working at an erotic massage parlour, was found dead in the Quebec City suburb of Sainte-Foy Jan. 22.

Eustachio Gallese, who has since pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in her death, had been on day parole since March 2019 for the 2004 killing of his former spouse.

The Parole Board of Canada initially denied Gallese full parole. However, it extended his day parole with several conditions, listing his likelihood of reoffending as “low to moderate.”

Gallese had a special arrangement with his case worker that allowed him to have relations with women to meet his “sexual needs.” As part of the conditions of his day parole, he was required to disclose any relations he had with women to his parole officer.

The case touched off a political firestorm in the House of Commons over Canada’s parole board system and its decision to allow a man with a record of deadly violence against women to be released on parole — and to be alone with women.

Following the outcry, the federal correctional service announced a joint internal investigation with the parole board.

The results of that review will be made public around 10 a.m. ET.

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