Crown seeking 6-year sentence for Corey Hurren, CAF member who stormed Rideau Hall gates

The Crown is seeking a six-year prison sentence and lifetime firearm ban for Corey Hurren, the Canadian reservist who stormed the gates of Rideau Hall with loaded firearms last summer.

Hurren, a 46-year-old reservist, pleaded guilty earlier this month to seven weapons-related charges, including possessing guns for “a purpose dangerous to the public peace.”

He also pleaded guilty to one charge of mischief for wilfully causing $100,000 worth of damage to the Rideau Hall gate on July 2.

Justice Richard Wadden is hearing the Crown and defence arguments today. 

Hurren’s lawyer Michael Davies is seeking a sentence of three years.

According to the agreed statement of facts read out in the courtroom after Hurren’s plea, he wanted to arrest Trudeau over the federal government’s COVID-19 restrictions and its ban on assault-style firearms.

He told officers that day that he wanted to make a statement to the prime minister by showing up during one of his daily media briefings. He said he hoped his actions would be a “wake-up call” and a “turning point.”

In her submission, Crown attorney Meaghan Cunningham said Hurren made deliberate decisions to arm himself with five firearms, multiple rounds and a knife before he drove across provincial lines to confront the prime minister.

She said that while there is no proof that Hurren wanted to shoot or kill Trudeau, his actions were “far from benign” since the events of the day could have lead to a shootout with police.

Davies is laying out his case now.

More to come.

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